How To Keep Concrete Floors Clean And Polished

Concrete floors are popular in office spaces. The concrete flooring is easy to maintain, making it a durable choice. The best way to optimize the durability of the floor is by regularly polishing and cleaning it. 

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If you are not able to polish the concrete, call a janitorial company in Sacramento, CA, to take over. These services provide cleaning professionals who know how to polish floors without creating any streaks or damages.

Here are some tips on how you can preserve the polish and shine of concrete floorings for years to come.

Daily Sweeping

The air is always covered with tiny dust particles that settle in and around your office space. A soft bristle broom is ideal for gently sweeping the concrete floors to preserve its healthy shine. You can also use a microfiber mopping pad to keep the floor clean.

Avoid Making Spills

Employees are constantly going in and out of the office kitchen to get coffee or tea. If any of them spill their drinks, they are likely to stain the polished concrete flooring. The moment you notice the stain, clean it off with a concrete floor cleaner. Quick action will prevent the spill from sticking.

Do Not Leave The Cleaner For Extended Time

Cleaning agents are a great choice for fighting off debris and grease. However, this effect will be reversed if you let the cleaners dry without doing a final mop of the floor. If you use a cleaning agent for polishing, make sure to time how long you have had it on your floor.


When it comes to maintaining floors, concrete floor types give you no trouble at all. With the right products and team of cleaners, you can have sparkling concrete flooring in your office. They are easy to polish and, as a result, look great with the rest of your office furniture.