Can Bail Bondsman Use Force?

The process of protecting and serving the community is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Many of us look at police officers and other law enforcement in a variety of different ways, some positive, some negative, however, bondsmen that work with Sacramento Bail Bonds are in a branch of law enforcement that is out to ensure that the process from arrest to trial runs smoothly.

For the majority of the time, those that are employed at bond companies such as Acme Bail Bonds won’t be put into a position where they will need to use force or even excessive force.  The idea is that if they were able to be bonded out, their crimes shouldn’t be that serious to harm others.

However, People are strange animals, and threatened with the thought of arrest and incarceration, they may do actions that they would otherwise not normally do.  In these situations, the bondsman may need to use force which is allowed.

Try talking

The first step in any negotiation or situation is to simply talk.  Many people may not want to hear what you have to say and their emotions may run high, however, if you are a bondsman, you can simply start to build a relationship with those you have on bond.  Talk to them, let them know the rules and the situation and what will happen if things go wrong.  Then, if a situation arises, they know what to expect and will hopefully do everything in their power to avoid violence.

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Non-Lethal weapons

At the end of the day the bondsman wants to go home to their family and not to take someone away from theirs.  So, they will use non-lethal weapons such as mace, smoke bombs and rubber bullets to attempt and subdue their fugitive.  In extreme situations where all other measures are used but fail, a bondsman can use whatever force is required to protect themselves and others.